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We Have United... At A New Office!

United Resources is now located at 2 Gul Link, Singapore 629372.

As we prep our new website, check out this interim page in the meantime. With 37 years in the business, it's time to introduce our new look. As we look back gratefully on a wonderful journey with our partners, we are gearing up for the future of the company with a bold new rebranding.


Stay tuned to find out more!

About United Resources

United Resources is passionate about progress and people. Founded in 1987 in Singapore, we started our range of industrial chemical products, developed through field trials alongside our customers. Today, we have evolved into an industrial solutions provider with a vast supply chain and a range of over 2000 specialised products.


It’s our belief in constant innovation, creating progressive solutions for our clients through our technical expertise and dedication for improvement. We believe that there are always better and more efficient ways to solve workplace problems. And because we never stop at just ‘good enough’, we have the drive to make this world a better place to live in, for everyone we have the pleasure to serve. Join us as we build the future of workplace solutions together!


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Address: 2 Gul Link, Singapore 629372

Global Presence

Malaysia I Fujairah I Rotterdam I Houston

Phone: +65 6764 3172

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